CORRECTIONS: Corrections Committees meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 31 South Huron Street, Ypsilanti. To volunteer for the Washtenaw County Jail or Prison Corrections Committee email:

The purpose of a correctional facilities committee is to coordinate the work of individual A.A. members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics behind the walls and to set up a means of bridging the gap between the facility and the larger A. A. community. This may include conducting A.A. meetings in a prison, providing A.A. literature to inmates, providing 12 Step correspondance, and coordinating an interim Pre-Release Contact or (if you are a woman in recovery) The Women's State Prison JPay or Pen Pal-Sponsor Program.

If you are within 6 months of your earliest anticipated release date and are interested in AA, you may want to copy this form, mail it and take advantage of The Michigan State-Wide Pre-Release Program

If you have been released and are looking for an A.A. meeting in the State of Michigan, call any of these Central Office Contacts Listed at the National A.A. General Service Office:

To volunteer for the Men's or Women's Behind Bars Corrections Committee email:
All kinds of service is welcome but you must be sober, off probation & NO felony convictions in 10 yrs., to be approved to attend Jail or Prison AA Meetings.

Guidelines for Corrections Committees from A.A. World Services

Men's Meetings Behind Bars Schedule

T.R.V   Volunteers Needed
Washtenaw County Juvenile Cntr    
Washtenaw County Jail Mon. 10:30am George, Gary
Washtenaw County Jail Tues. 7:00pm Rod, Zack, Ted, Bob
Washtenaw County Jail Wed.. 7:00pm Lyle
Forensic Center every 8 wks. Volunteers Needed
Milan Federal Prison Thurs. 7:00pm Carl, Marty

Women's Meetings Behind Bars Schedule

Washtenaw County Jail Tues. 7:00pm Sandy, Tabitha, Dei, Linda
Huron Valley Women's Prison Wed. 6:00pm Erin
Huron Valley Women's Prison Wed. 7:15pm June
Huron Valley Women's Prison Fri. .6:30pm Carol
Huron Valley Women's Prison Fri. .7:30pm Carol,
Huron Valley Women's Prison Sat. 1:30pm Sandy
Huron Valley Women's Prison Sat. 2:30pm Suzanne


Our primary purpose is to carry the AA message through the HelpLine, Committee Action & AA literature.
We wish to thank the local AA groups and those individual AA members that support the
Huron Valley Area Intergroup.

HELPLINE: (734) 482-5700

It  is not reviewed or endorsed by A. A. W. S.